Supernatural Investigation

Supernatural Investigations

I have always felt that there is something else out there whether it is spiritual or from another world.  The one thing that has always been missing though is the hard evidence to totally confirm to me of this existence.

Every area of the paranormal has interested me, whether it be UFO activity, ghostly apparitions or divine intervention, since a young age I have avidly read articles or books.

Of course as technology advances, the wealth of information sources that becomes available is astounding but it is knowing where to find these, which is where hopefully this site will come into effect.

I hope to compile a list of useful links to information or websites to help with all those that are interested in all instances of paranormal activity. From horoscopes  to haunted hotels, we should have everything to help the believers or sceptics in their own search for the truth.


If you know of any interesting articles on the paranormal, then please do let us know.

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